Motivational Speaking


Garo was a 5’7″ Armenian immigrant who had never seen an NFL football game, let alone played in one. But that didn’t stop him from kicking off for the Detroit Lions (vs. Baltimore Colts, 1966). His teammates had to help him into his uniform, because as a soccer player in Cyprus, he didn’t wear pads or a helmet. Naturally, there were many humorous and uncertain moments in his fifteen year career. Through it all, he persevered, and in the process broke almost every NFL kicking record in the books.

Garo Yepremian was recognized as one of the foremost motivational speakers of our time as he combined his own brand of down-to-earth humor and wit with his ability to help his audiences realize their own talents and abilities, and most of all, their potential in life. With appropriate humor (always in good taste), obvious sincerity, and unbridled love for the American way, he spoke of the game, of the players, of the starring moments, and the pain that suddenly says “it’s over” – or is it?

He evoked a charm and enthusiasm that was heartfelt and genuine. He had the power to captivate his audiences and make them laugh, think, become motivated, and last but not least, share his pride in our country.

Garo was an inspired man who truly understood that regardless of physical stature or social situation, anyone can dare to be the best. His delivery was warm, his message was clear, and his invitation was to all men and women to strive for excellence.

Garo Yepremian was an unusual man. He made it against incredible odds. When he was done speaking, you knew you could too.

Highlights of Garo’s speech to The Pro Football Hall of Fame, Canton, Ohio:

Corporate clients included: Ocean Spray, Sprint, Sprint PCS, IBM, Radio Shack, New York Life, AstraZeneca, BMW, Honda, John Hancock, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, The Pro Football Hall of Fame, Laser Spine Institute, NFL Players Association, John Hancock, Fleming Foods, Snack Food Association of America, Giant Food, Uni-Mart convenience stores, and many others.

Garo was also sponsored by two corporations to deliver over 65 assemblies per year to all school levels throughout Pennsylvania (K-6, middle school, high school, and universities).

Client Quotes:

“In 34 years we have had some of the most notable speakers in the country- we’ve never had a better response than we did for you and your program. It was a ‘hall of fame’ performance.”  –Pro Football Hall of Fame

“Participants’ evaluations of the conference speakers gave your presentation the highest rating possible.”  –PriceWaterhouseCoopers

“Fantastic presentation…great humor!”  –IBM

“Garo is a very funny guy!”  –Bob Hope

“Great speech!  Everyone  who was in attendance is still talking about it!”  –Jack Nicklaus

“Excellent! Wonderful! Your contribution set the framework for our convention!” –NFL Players Association

“Truly inspirational.”  –John Hancock Insurance Company

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